Pipe Collars

All collars are 11mm in height and incorporate an o’ring for a snug fit. These can be removed to allow for a bit of flexibility in certain situations, i.e. angled pipes. If your size requirements are not listed below, please contact us to discuss.

15mm. Shown in chrome. O.D. 46mm
To fit radiator/ towel rail pipes and feed pipes to exposed cisterns and basins. Pipe and fittings (i.e. elbows, service valves) available on request to suit finish. The internal o’ring grips the pipe firmly and helps to seal any draughts while allowing expansion/ contraction of the pipe without any of the noises associated with wooden collars. It also allows the plumber to drill a more generous sized hole in the floor so the pipe is not touching the floorboards, avoiding said noises. Ideally these collars should be fitted during installation of radiators. They can be retro fitted for example during planned maintenance of systems.

Also available, Copper plated.


15mm x 73mm O.D. Shown in chrome.
To fit radiator/ towel rail pipes and other situations where the floor or wall is damaged. For example when you are changing from an old imperial size radiator to a new metric radiator, the pipe centres are different – this will cover up any variation and avoid the fitting of an unsightly radiator valve extension.


19mm O.D. 53mm Not shown. 
Same size as the 22mm but with a different washer, to allow it to fit 19mm diameter shower pipes where the pipe comes out of the ceiling. (These are usually a fixed length and it allows the pipe connection deeper in the ceiling)

22mm. Shown in satin/ brushed chrome. O.D. 53mm
To fit feed pipes to freestanding baths and overflow pipes from cisterns. They will also fit around a 1/2″ BSP threaded fitting (i.e. a Grohe bent isolation valve, which enhances the look brilliantly, or any other fitting supplied with a cheap collar) Pipe and fittings (i.e. tap connectors, service valves) available on request to suit finish. A brushed nickel finish is similar in look and is the closest finish to stainless steel.


28mm. Shown in bright Nickel. O.D.59mm
To fit overflow pipes from free standing baths with no feet where the pipe enters the floor.


35mm. Shown in polished brass. O.D. 66mm
To fit basin waste pipes. Soon to be supplied with our 1 1/4″ bottle traps in all finishes with pipe. The traps will come with traditional hex nuts, not the ugly knurled nuts that are widespread.


38mm. Not shown. O.D. 69mm
To fit metal low level flush pipes from a concealed cistern where the pipe is visible going into the toilet pan.

42mm. Shown in aged/ architectural brass. O.D. 73mm
To fit visible metal bath waste pipes and large sink waste pipes. This finish will also suit radiator valves made in bronze, usually the old school/ hospital type column rads which always seem to plumbed into copper pipe only with no collar.


73mm X 1/2″ Shown in chrome.
Available on request.
For use in Hospitals and laboratories, allows a quality finish to pipe work
and fittings where a seal is required against floors and walls.

73mm pipe collar chrome

1/2 inch. BSP thread. O.D. 53mm. Not shown.
Same collar as the 22mm size but with a different washer.  They will fit around a 1/2″ BSP threaded fitting. (i.e. a Grohe bent isolation valve, which enhances the look brilliantly, or any other fitting supplied with a cheap collar.)

3/4 inch. BSP thread.  O.D.59mm. Not shown.
Same collar as the 28mm size but with a different washer.  They will fit around a 3/4″ BSP threaded fitting. Developed to replace shower valve collars where the fitter has not allowed for the thickness of the wall substrate. (only 11mm in height compared to the average of 40mm)

Shower Mixer Collars (New & exclusive) for 3/4″ threads.
These are solid brass flat collars made to replace the deep ugly ones that come with regular bar style shower mixers that can’t be fitted after installation.

Designed to be stuck in position they are only 3mm thick, have a generous 70mm outer diameter and 26.5mm inner diameter to snugly fit the 3/4″ thread that feeds the shower.

Only available in high quality chrome plate.
They can also have other applications and are sold separately.
70mm x 26.5mm x 3mm Chrome.

Shower pipe collar chrome